Artistic Team
TALYA RUBIN (Original Concept, Performer, Writer, Co-devisor)
NICK JAMES (Co-devisor, director)
RICHARD VABRE (Lighting Design)
BRYONY ANDERSON (Puppet Designer/Builder)
SAM JAMES (Video Artist)

2016: The Banff Centre, Production Residency, Banff, Canada
2014: Metro Arts, Brisbane – Shortfuse Residency
2014: HotHouse Theatre – ‘A Month in the Country', Albury, NSW -  Residency
2014: Playwrights' Workshop, Montreal, Canada – Creative Development
2014: Rex Cramphorn Studio, Sydney University – Creative Development

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. The Bluebird Mechanicals has been developed, in part, through The Collaborations, an initiative of Canada's National Arts Centre English Theatre. Too Close to the Sun acknowledges the support of the Theatre Arts Residency program at The Banff Centre. This work was assisted through HotHouse Theatre's A Month in the Country residential program, a project delivered in partnership with Albury City. The Bluebird Mechanicals was first developed through Metro Arts, Brisbane.

Assistance has also been provided by: Arts NSW,  Playwrights' Workshop Montreal, and The Rex Cramphorn Studio, Sydney University. 


The Bluebird Mechanicals is an intensely disquieting new solo work about impending disaster that unfolds inside a natural history museum cabinet playing space.

It’s 1937 and the end of the world as we know it is nigh, only we don’t know it yet. Hitler is creating flying devices for the bloated and the rich. An artist and his muse are fishing in the moonlight. The artist is already dead, shot himself in the head he felt like such a failure, lived in a time where he was misunderstood. Tap dancers dance so happy their feet hurt. Come have a drink with us on the floating titanic in the sky. Strap yourselves in tight for the ride of your life, 36 people won’t get out of here alive. The birds up above are watching it all and they know more than you think. Outside this world of curiosities sits a Russian woman. She is having her portrait taken and telling the story of a lifetime. The world is coming unravelled. Sing a song, dance along!