This is How to Listen to the World Disappear

In Development 2020

An audio walk about the disappearance of the natural world, the work will use the local environment to locate people inside their own feelings of loss and connection to place. Armed with headphones, a map and a recording device, participants will co-create the walk through their own mapping and recording of their immediate environment.

Collaborating with sound designer Hayley Forward, and inspired by the practice of soundwalking, a library of sound scapes will be created as the work travels and communicates with other locales around the world. 

"The Great Grief - a feeling that rises in us as if from the Earth itself.”
- Per Espen Stoknes

“Today the greatest tragedy is the absence of a sense of the tragedy.” 
-Clive Hamilton

In partnership with PSAS (Pakenham Street Arts Space, Fremantle, Western Australia)